Call for Abstracts – Now Open

We invite you to submit your Abstract for selection as a presentation or poster at the biennial 32nd International Mechanical Pulping Conference to take place on June 7–10, 2020 in Vancouver. Recent research work as well as mill reports are welcome. We especially invite submissions from those in industry.

Your Abstract
• Your original content, independent or co-authored
• Limited to 2 pages including key references
• Any topic related to mechanical pulping; including and not limited to the following areas:

a. Wood or non-wood Furnish Issues for Mechanical Pulping
b. HC or LC Refining
c. Process I: Applied Sciences and Mill Implementation
d. Process II: Fundamentals and Energy Efficiency
e. Advancement in Bleaching, Washing, Screening, Waste Water Management, Measurement Technology, etc.
f. New Mechanical Pulps for Transitional Paper and Packaging Grades
g. Mill Optimization
h. New Pulps for Advanced Applications and BioProducts
i. Business or policy or marketing aspect related to any one or a combination of the above
j. Any other theme of practical interest related to mechanical pulping

• Structured with a paragraph or description on each part of your work including:

o Introduction or Hypothesis
o Methods
o Results or Findings, and
o Discussion or Conclusion

Submit Before: November 15, 2019
Submit by email to:

Next Steps
We shall notify you individually if your abstract is selected in January 2020, which will give you considerable time to prepare and submit your paper or presentation. it is not mandatory that your presentation should be accompanied by a paper – that choice is your own. You will be allotted 20 minutes to deliver your oral presentation, followed by a Q&A period of a maximum of 10 minutes. It is also possible to present your work as a poster and you should indicate your preference.